Offshore Development Centre
Offshore Development Centre is a grace for the companies who want to control the cost of the development professionally without compromising the quality.
Offshore Development Centre is the option if any of the following situations arise in your operations
  • Cost of the development is high
  • Getting right resource having required expertise is difficult due to geographical reasons
  • Consistency of the resource is questioned
  • Available top management time is now used for lower level tasks which may be utilised preciously and can have more value assignments to allocate
How GBR ODC helps you
Based on the client industry , functionality and delivery requirement, GBR will form a team which consists of Project Manager, Account Manager, Reliability Manager, Team Lead and Associates in Both Architectural and functional area.

Steps involved:
Team Formation
GBR side

Based on the requirement, GBR will form a team consisting of Project Manager, Architects, Team leads, Software Developers, QA Associates

Client Side

Client shall form a team who can communicate the requirement, test and accept the delivery
Road Map
Here our team in consultation with the client team make a Road Map for the execution of the project which clearly exhibit the phase wise delivery schedule, Daily, Weekly, Monthly review meeting requirements, Requirement transfer Mechanism, Change Request Mechanism, Delivery Acceptance Mechanism etc
Monitoring Mechanism
Client team can monitor the development 24X7 basis based on the mechanism agreed in the road Map. This gives a high visibility to the client on the development on daily basis
Review Meeting
Review Meeting shall be conducted by means on Audio / video devices as per the schedules. Also any urgent meetings are invited as per the requirement demands
As per the Roadmap schedule each Phase will be delivered and client shall exercise the test and acceptance mechanisms discussed in the roadmap