Contracting & Trading
Contracting ERP solution from GBR suit all the need of a business house having contracting nature in operations.
The list of modules which are included in bApps Contracting
  • Sale order Processing
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Finance
Customised ERP Solutions
The real need of a customised ERP arises when a business house diversify its operations to make maximum utilisation of its resources and infrastructure. Such an operation definitely will not fit in to a predefined software product with set of rigid rules. As the operation is customized to make the maximum revenue, software also need to be customised to suit the needs.

GBR take our customer through the following life cycle of the ERP which will deliver a state of art successful completion
Proposal Stage
Here our presales team understand the overall operation of the client and propose a best suiting ERP product license from the list
High Level Scope Analysis
Here our presale team along with the technical team conduct a high level operation study and propose the product License Fee, implementation cost, approximate customization man hours required to complete the implementation
Low Level System Analysis
Up on finalisation of the order, our Low Level System Analysis team will visit the client and spend enough days with the client to have a detailed analysis of the operations and with the interactive sessions with the client team, our LSA team will document the GAP analysis report which includes the customization required to implement the proposed ERP solution.
Design Phase
This is an activity concerned with making major decisions, often of a structural nature done by software architect
Here the detailed design representation of the software is translated into predetermined programming language representation
It is a quality control activity performed on the constructed software system, to ensure that the system conforms to the specifications
Prototype Release
The changes made as per the low level design will be released to client for a verification and if any further changes are required within the scope defined
User training shall be provided to enable users understand the work flow, methods of usage and to impart required knowledge to handle the deployed system properly.
User Acceptance Test –Cold Test
At the completion of the system, client users will accept the system with interactive test using mockup data
Original Data Loading
Here GBR team will help the user to load all required data like opening balance and master data
User Acceptance Test – Hot Test
This is having the same in nature as that of Cold Test but this is the test using the original Data and respective users have to confirm the correctness of the data
Go Live
On acceptance of the Hot Test the Bell rings for fully operational system made live
Further Support
As we believe a dynamically growing company needs its ERP solution to be updated periodically along with its business growth we provide a mechanism of periodic support and upgrade based on the AMC agreement.
Approach for Solution Delivery
Our operation methodology is designed in a way to ensure maximum interaction with the customer so that the comfort level and satisfaction is protected at every level of the implementation
Consulting Team from Client Side
We recommend client to raise a ERP consulting team from the existing employees department wise headed by a consulting head whose primary responsibility would be coordinating with client and GBRC team and provide required information to GBRC team. GBRC project team will interact with this consulting team for all project related queries and approvals.
GBR Project Team
This team comprise of Project Manager, Technology Architect, Project Leaders, Analysts and programmers from GBRC side. This team headed by the project manager will interact with client consulting team for any required information related to ERP implementation
Responsibility Grid
A grid representing who will do what in the project is defined at this Level so that there is clarity of roles assigned to various resources in the project.
Monitoring and Controlling Mechanism
The Monitoring and controlling of the project is done by using matured standard internal practices. The review meetings of tracking the status is conducted periodically with the Client Consulting Team