bApps – Trading is a product intended for organisations involved in Trading activites and contain the core modules of an ERP system, ie Finance, Purchase, Stores and Sales Order Processing. It comes with all settings preconfigured and can be used immediately after installation. bApps – Trading focus on materials sales and has credit as well as cash invoice options. It is flexible enough for most of the demanding requirements of a trading company.

bApps – Trading is an integrated system with seamless flow of data from one document to another making it a simple and easy to use software.

Features of bApps Trading Series:

Sale Order Processing
Quotation Management
Quotation conversion improvement mechanisms
Customer Group Wise Pricing Mechanism
Seasonal / Special discount Price Group Handling
Customer Order Management
Material Supply Handling through Different types of Delivery Mechanism
Credit Invoicing and Cash invoicing Mechanism
Customer Credit details pending Payment Collection Mechanisms
Credit / Cash Return Handling
Different Shift / Counter handling Mechanism
Purchase Management
Capacity to Handle Trading Materials / Capital Goods / Stationary Items Separately
Purchase Requisition from Central Store Handling
Minimum Stock Level Material Auto handling Capacity
Supplier evaluation for better purchase decisions
Different types of Purchase Order ( Local / Import / Open / Fixed ) handling
Can Generate a Automated Purchase Order from approved requests
Material Lead time and delivery tracking handling mechanism
Supplier Bill Handling and Payment Management
Store Management
Good Receipt management
Capacity to handle goods received through Purchase Order / Cash Purchase / Free Item received
In house Material usage handling
Material Return from client handling
Material return to supplier handling
Tools supplied to employees tracking and handling
Stock transfer between Different Outlets and Store Handling
Manage Multiple Warehouses
Different presentations of Stock Ledgers
Stock Valuations in different Valuation mechanisms
Inventory Ageing Tracking and Handling
Integrated Finance Management
Automated data flow from different modules to account module
Easy Management of Ledgers through special designed Chart of Accounts
Define Multiple Voucher Types
Voucher Entry & Approval
Voucher Audit
Voucher Locking
Voucher Search Option on Any Data
Manage Bills from Debtors & Creditors
Manage & Track Post Dated Cheques
Can do any kind of Cost Analysis and Cost Control (Budget Analysis) Using NXN Designed Cost Analysis Mechanism
Bill Matching / Bank Reconcillation Tools
NXN Presentations of MIS Reports , P&L , and Balance sheet
Special Features
Higher end Security controls to each user Levels
Remote Admin Mechanism
Multi user / Multi Locations / Multi warehouse Facility
Auto mated accounts data flow from different modules to Finance reduce data entry
PDC handling Mechanism
Inventory ageing handling
Debtors ageing handling
Increase efficiency of Purchase mechanism
Increase efficiency of Material Management Mechanism
  • Multi Level Drill Down Views
  • Data Export to Excel/Text/HTML
  • Auditing of Changes and Deletes
  • Recently Accessed Menu List
  • Menu Search Option
  • Integrated Security Module
  • Master Data Import from Excel
  • Screen sizing option for each User
  • Print screen data option on any screen
  • Runs on Oracle 10g Database
  • Oracle 10g Database Express Edition installs along with the Product